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Mobile Device Request Form

To obtain a Smartphone device, one must complete the mobile device request form.  

The request will be reviewed by the employee’s manager and the COO and the CIO for IST related requests and if approved, the IST department will then provision the Smartphone device per the approvals and criteria provided. 

The assignment of Smartphones is NOT an automatic provisioned item for new employees. 

Please review the Smartphone Policy on the Law Center IST Website for further details.

Please contact the Law Center Service Desk if you have any questions regarding the form or the policy:


MCDonough 152

 **During COVID-19, you will need to provide a shipping address where the loaner can be shipped to.***

There is a GMS Worktag for each Department at Law Center. Which contains the number of: 1. GMS Center 2. Fund 3. Purpose 4. Program 5. Grant 6. Gift 7. Project, and or 8. Assignee
Employee Name*
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Service Plans and Costs
The Service Plans and associated monthly cost. These prices do NOT include taxes or other service charges, which are subject to change.
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